Thursday, October 05, 2006

Instructional Strategies to Meet the Needs of Students with Autistic Disorders Presentation

OK, all of your Infinitec North Coalition members - I need your information.

And to get your information, I'm willing to cough up a prize. (OOOH! AAAH!)

For those of you that will be attending/attended Susan Stokes' presentation: "Instructional Strategies to Meet the Needs of Students with Autistic Disorder" on October 6, I want to know what you learned from it.

Please write in the comments section of this post in response to any or all of these questions, or post your own thoughts:

1. What did you take away from the presentation that you want to try in your classroom?

2. What did you actually try and how did it work for you?

3. Did you have a student or some students in mind when you went to this presentation? Did you get information that will help you serve them better?

4. Is this an important topic area, and should we be providing more training and additional resources in this area?

Those of you who make the time to respond will be entered into a drawing for a CD copy of Susan Stokes' video, "Individual Visual Schedules." The names of everyone that posts will be put into a hat, and the name of the winner will be drawn on October 13, 2006. Please post as many times as you would like, but to make if fair, your name will only be entered for the prize, once.

Let's have fun and learn from each other! Maybe we can even have Susan check in and offer ideas and feedback!

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Anonymous said...

I felt that Susan's presentation was the best Austism Conference that I have attended. I came back with so many ideas (helping hands, wait idea, and work stations) that I am anxious to implement within our classroom.

Dave Hohulin said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed the conference! Susan has such a wealth of knowledge to share. Please post more comments as you implement these new strategies - we'd love to learn from you!

Thanks for posting! Dave