Friday, September 29, 2006

Learn Science through Videos

Image of Boiling Beaker Confused by Chemistry? Frazzled by Physics? Do you just need a visual means of grasping those pesky chemistry concepts? Then do I have the site for you...

Dr. Carlson's Science Theater.

Dr. Carlson's Science Theater is a "video podcast of cool science demonstrations. Join Dr. Matt Carlson as he risks life, limb, and dignity to bring you the finest science videos on Earth."

You can watch the videos by clicking on the link on Dr. Carlson's blog, or by subscribing via iTunes.

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Peg C. said...

Susan Stokes provided excellent practical insights on October 6th. I really treasured her image of the iceberg. She indicated that we focus on "the tip of the iceberg" which is all that we see. However, until we attend to the more than 80% of the iceberg that is beneath the surface, our interventions will not provide long term change.