Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here at the Gap!

Greetings from Bloomington, Minnesota!

I'm here at the first full-conference session at Closing the Gap. It's been wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones.

We had a wonderful meeting with the NATE network last night, and I especially enjoyed a conversation with Brian Friedlander, Brian Wojcik, Nora Bardi, Karen Janowski, Jane Ricard, and Jodi Nibbelin. We had a wonderful discussion about Web 2.0 and it's potential impacts in Special Ed. and AT.

I'll try to post reflections from the sessions and exhibit hall throughout the next two days.

Here is a blog that I've been meaning to post about for awhile. Please go visit Ed Technology Solutions - Teaching Every Student. Karen Janowski might be a familiar name to those who are on the QIAT listserv, and this is her blog. What a wonderful source of information. I'll also be adding a link to the sidebar for her site as soon as I can.

Bulletins as events warrant or I have time to post them :)


Anonymous said...

The NATE meeting was alot of fun and very informative. Lets keep in tocuh

Dave Hohulin said...

Absolutely! I'd love to work with the group from NATE on getting these tools into teacher's hands with some practical applications.