Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exploratree - Amazing Graphic Organizer

I love my Twitter network. Just love them. What an amazing group of brilliant minds. One of those brilliant minds is @AngelaMaiers.

Angela shares a plethora of wonderful sites (she is an educational consultant, and you can learn more about her services to schools by clicking here)

Anyhoo... One of the websites that Angela shared yesterday just knocked my socks off. If you have students who benefit from organizing their thoughts visually, you'll want to explore Registration is free and it offers some absolutely beautiful templates, and the ability to create your own graphic organizers.

Check out

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Angela Maiers said...

Dave- Big hugs and smiles to you! I so agree ( not with the brilliant part) but with the love of the Twitter community!

It is hard to explain; until you experience first hand, the resources, the support, and the spirit that exists within the Twittersphere!

So glad to have you in my PLN! Keep on!