Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balabolka - Free Text-to-Speech App

Hold onto your hats for a very exciting find! (hat tip to my friend Leann Todd from Sedgewick County Area Educational Services Interlocal Cooperative in Goddard, KS by way of a presentation at ATIA 2009)

Balabolka, is a freeware text-to-speech application that runs on Windows platforms from 98 - Vista. It uses the voices that you have installed on your computer (including wonderful non-English voices - perfect for use with non-English text from Wikipedia or that you've copied from Google Translate).

There are a host of other features, too. Variable font size, magnifier, pronunciation exception, start, stop, and pause. It will read DOC, RTF, PDF, FB2 and HTML files, and you can alter the font color, background color, and skin of the app.

Now for my favorite features: You can install it as a desktop app or run it off of a portable USB drive. No installation on the host computer is needed! AND, if that weren't enough? It will also convert text into WMA, OGG, MP3, and WAV files.

Am I gushing? I feel like I'm gushing...

There is so much more that this app can do - check it out for yourself!

Click here or the link below to download Balabolka!


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