Thursday, August 21, 2008

JOTT out of Beta :(

I love JOTT, as you could probably tell from previous blog posts. However, now JOTT is out of beta, which means that they are charging for some of their features (like emailing).

I am bummed, and not sure if I'll continue to use the service or not. If you are a JOTT user, what will you do? Are you aware of other alternatives? Please share!


Patrick Black said...

someone posted a link to this site on the Boardmaker List.

Don't know anything about it, but maybe it will do the same thing.

jepcke said...

Not sure where you are using Jott or what kind of phone you have, but I've been experimenting with ReQall and Evernote on my iPhone. Check to see if they have a version for your phone. Someone on twitter (@scottelias) recommended Things which is tied in with GTD (Getting Things Done).

Anonymous said...

I read on about two alternatives: and A lot of people feeling the same way you are.

My guess is that within a couple of weeks, there will be some nice workarounds developed by the hack community.