Friday, August 22, 2008

JOTT and Alternatives

Thanks to all who posted comments to my lament over Jott coming out of beta. While there is a free version, and I could get most of my favorite features for only $3.95 a month, I think I'm learning that I'm just cheap. A Skinflint. Miserly. ;)

(An amazing transformation, because I was the King of the Impulse Buy at one point in my life!)

I have been playing with two "alternatives." reQall and Evernote

reQall is probably the most similar for users of Jott. It has some pretty good speech recognition, and a few nifty features. For example, it will try to recognize keywords like 'reminder' and sort your messages accordingly. You can also listen to your Reqall notes from your phone, if you're on the go. Note: I did notice that reQall is also in beta currently. I'd hate to have you fall in love again, only to have your heart broken. I know that there are others, but I've only been playing with it for a day or so. You can post your favorite features in comments...

The other tool that I'm excited about is Evernote. This cool tool works via web browser, iPhone, SmartPhone, or Mac/PC download. And they seem to sync nicely together! You can upload audio, text, and images to this site. Cooler yet, the text in your images (provided it's legible and not too out of focus) will become searchable. I know that this tool has applications that I'm not thinking of in my cold-medicine-induced mental state, so feel free to share your experiences with Evernote and what you're using it for.

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