Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Snowflake-Making Project for Kids Who Have Difficulty Using Scissors

Make-a-Flake is an interactive website that allows the user to "cut out" a virtual snowflake.

If you're cutting out snowflakes as an art activity this winter, and have students in your classroom who have difficulty manipulating the scissors, but can hit a switch or press an Intellikeys keyboard, here's how to get them involved:

Program your Intellikeys keyboard (using Overlay Maker) to act as a Mouse Click. (If you're not sure how to do this, the Intellitools website has the following recommendation:

"See the Overlay Maker 3 User's Guide for easy-to-follow tutorials. Printable versions of the tutorials can be found in the Documentation folder installed with Overlay Maker 3. (Programs or Applications folder, IntelliTools folder, Overlay Maker 3 folder, Documentation folder)."

This will be an activity that the student can complete with a peer. Send the overlay that you've created, and then have a peer move the mouse around the "paper." When the Intellikeys is pressed, it will make a "cut." This way, the student can create a virtual snowflake and save it to the website's gallery. It can then be viewed and printed for all to enjoy! (The snowflake at the top is one that I just made - did I say that this was just for kids?)

Make-a-Flake can be found here

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