Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Are Schools Inhibiting 21st Century Learning?

Interesting article in the THE Journal, written by Dave Nagel. A couple of good quotes:
"The fifth-annual Speak Up survey polled more than 367,000 "education stakeholders"--parents, students, administrators, and teachers--andfound that while 66 percent of administrators, 43 percent of parents,and 47 percent of teachers said they believed "local schools are doing a good job preparing students for jobs and careers of the future,"students disagreed. Among middle and high school students, 40 percent indicated that teachers are limiting their use of technology in schools, and 45 percent said that school "security" practices, such as Web filtering, were limiting their ability to take advantage of technology for learning."

"The students in many ways are far ahead of their teachers and parents not only in the sophistication of their technology use, but in the adoption of emerging technologies for learning purposes," said Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans, in a statements released to coincide with the survey release. "It is in our nation's best interest that we support and facilitate student usage of technology for learning."

Food for thought...

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