Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Geography Game - Statetris

Image of GlobeNeed a new geography game to keep the interest of all of those digital natives in your classroom? Check out Statetris.

This addicting little game is like playing Tetris with the US States. There are 3 levels of difficulty, and the game is controlled by using the arrow keys. The easy level and medium level require you to turn the state "right side up." The hard level doesn't tell you the name of the state, and requires you to turn it "right side up."

Since the arrow keys control the game, this activity can be adapted for students with physical disabilities through the use of a switch interface or adapted keyboard like an Intellikeys. I haven't found that you can control the speed at which the states appear, but if you get one incorrect, it just re-cycles that state so that you can try again later.

Statetris is all online, so no downloads or installations are necessary. There are also some other fun geographical activities on their website. Click here to visit the Statetris site.

(Hat Tip: Download Squad)


Assistive Technology said...

Oh wow, thanks for the link! This looks like a lot of fun, and such a great tool for learners who depend on the computer and the internet for their lessons.

Dave Hohulin said...

I thought it was fun :)

You've got a great blog/site, by the way! I need to make sure it's in my blogroll.

For those who aren't familiar - check out http://www.axistive.com