Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Previews of Coming Attractions...

Hot off of the QIAT Listserv and the AT Technology Listserv:

Mayer-Johnson is going to be offering a version of Boardmaker for families called Boardmaker @ Home. Here is the scoop as posted by Jeannette Van Houten:

"Hi! Mayer Johnson has a new release of Boardamaker @Home. It is not listed on their website at the moment but it is available for purchase. Boardmaker @ Home is slightly less comprehension than the standard boardmaker 3,800 PCS symbols Color and BW but it is family budget friendly. I only have very basic information but Mayer Johnson has a flyer that they are sending out. The stipulations on purchase are that the parent must order on their own (can’t go through the district with PO or Credit card from district) and it has to be shipped to the user’s home. There might be more stipulations but those are the ones that were stressed to me."

Initial estimates of price put Boardmaker @ Home at around $150. That's just an idea and the actual price could differ. If you call Mayer-Johnson, they can send you more information. Their number is 800-588-4548.

(Hat tip: Jeannette Van Houten, QIAT Listserve, AT Technology Listserv)

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