Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Fly... Again

I may be approaching the "beating a dead horse" phase of posting on this devices, but I bought one a couple of days ago and can I tell you what a cool piece of technology this thing is?


Built-in scheduler, calculator, games, "notepad," and more. Additional modules for purchase include an Spanish-English translator, Journal (geared more for girls) that prompts you for what to write, Math helps, interactive baseball cards, and a Batman game. (I bought the others, but couldn't really justify the baseball cards or Batman activities.)

Drawbacks? You have to use the special "Fly" paper - this is what allows the pen to see what you're writing. This could become pricey.

I'm learning more as I play with this, but I can see a lot of possible AT/LD applications.

Has anyone else been bitten by the "Fly?" What are your experiences thus far?

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